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As Director and Mentor of Mentoring All Men I have been blessed to be able to combine my two greatest passions in life, helping people through sport and healthy lifestyle choices. 

A love of sport enabled me to play soccer professionally in Europe for 8 years, an accomplishment I am hugely proud of given I did not start playing at club level until I was 19. I also played soccer at National Premier League level within Australia and was lucky enough to be a national champion with the South Australian State Soccer Amateur Team in 2001. Prior to soccer, I was a best and fairest football player and a sports blue recipient for both cricket and volleyball.

I have transferred my playing experience into over 20 years of coaching in sports such as soccer, cricket, football, tennis, badminton and volleyball. My coaching experience has included roles as the Technical Director of the University of South Australia Soccer Club and as head coach for various high schools and sporting clubs.

The disciplines learned through sport and coaching also helped guide me to gain qualifications and experience in the education, mentoring and disability sector. Roles as a physical education teacher, student support officer, substitute teacher, health and fitness mentor and disability support worker nurtured and enhanced my passion for giving back to community and ultimately drove me to found Mentoring All Men.


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My name is Shayan and I am one of the regional directors/mentors at mentoring all men. I have two years of experience in the industry, and in that time I have gained a great understanding and personal connection with all of my clients in order to help them achieve their goals.

I have a strong passion for exercise and sports, and am currently in the final stretch of a bachelors degree in exercise science and nutrition. Having also previously worked as a swimming instructor and soccer coach, I am able assist a diverse range of people in a number of ways that is best suited for them and their best interest.

My team and I pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients, making sure every session is memorable and purposeful, providing a service of the highest quality. 

Contact me today, and let’s start making a difference!

I look forward to working with you soon 🙂


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I am a fully qualified personal trainer with several years of experience working with individuals diagnosed with autism, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy and the legally blind. My work focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles, increasing activity, range of movement, posture, self defence, strength and stability.

I have 4 years experience in teaching dance to young people aged 5-15 as well as mentoring primary school students with their transition into high school. 

My passion in life is to witness growth within my clients, whether it be their physical, emotional, or intellectual capabilities. I strive to assist and liaise with clients and their support networks to incorporate strategies and plans to encourage improvements in these areas. I am highly goal orientated, I will do my best to help clients achieve their goals and create new ones as their skills develop. 

As a Director I have committed to continually develop and expand my knowledge to help further assist my clients and their needs. 

My interests include exploring the outdoors through hiking, camping and traveling. I love all things to do with sports, martial arts, fitness and creative movement. I currently coach an inclusive basketball team and thoroughly enjoy it. I am fascinated by learning new skills and always open to give something a go.