Our purpose is to help boys and men of diverse abilities to be the best people they can be through:

  • Enhancing mental health, fitness and nutrition.
  • Building life skills and growing independence.
  • Better connecting with community.

Our Story

Presenting Mentoring All Men directors

Mentoring All Men was started to help boys and men to effectively manage their wellbeing and build their confidence through health, fitness and nutrition. As we have grown, we have broadened our scope to help both NDIS and private clientele build life skills, grow their independence and better connect with the community.

Our work is centred on the goals of our clients, with our programs designed around a core theme of encouraging active, healthy lifestyles. We include all relevant people in the initial and ongoing development of our client programs to ensure that parents, siblings and other significant family members understand the journey of their loved one and can share in their progress.

We support clients to achieve their goals through sports coaching, personal training, cooking classes, hiking, beach trips, swimming lessons and a variety of other development activities. In addition, we collaborate on broader client goals by aligning our programs with the capacity building supports our clients are receiving from their health practitioners.

Since founding Mentoring All Men in 2019, we have gone from a collection of committed individuals looking to apply their passion for health and fitness into an ever-growing group of people making a real difference for our clients. Our growth has been driven not only by our philosophy of hiring the most committed, passionate mentors but by our belief that leading by example and role modelling for our clients is key to their success.


Personal Development/ Mentoring

Individual and small group sessions that are designed to build confidence and capacity

Showing Mentoring All Men personal development session

Nutrition Coaching

Exercise is only one facet of a healthy lifestyle. We’ll help you make good choices when you eat so you can have more energy throughout the day.

Showing Mentoring All Men nutrition class

Physical Health & Recreation

Whether you’re living with a chronic condition or just looking to start on a program that supports your lifestyle and independence, we can provide a plan to suit

Showing Mentoring all Men swimming class

Customised Plans

Sometimes all you need is the instruction manual. Let us design a total life and fitness plan that will help you reach your goals

Showing Mentoring All Men fitness session

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